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Welcome to the Heddels Scout, our comprehensive tool to help you navigate the raw denim buying experience. The Scout has two main sections, Denim and Stores.

The Denim section will help you find the perfect pair of jeans based on your preferences in fit, color, cost, brand, measurements, and more by searching our database of over 4,000 pairs of raw denim jeans and counting. The Stores Section shows you all the raw denim shops and boutiques in the world sorted by the brands and the styles they carry as well as their location.

Unsure of how to use the Scout? All you need to do is tweak the filters on the left-hand side, click “Search” at the bottom, and you’ll receive a list of options suited to your preferences. And before you jump ahead, please do read through our privacy policy and below.

The Scout uses a few raw denim related terms, here’s a brief rundown on how to use them for your best search results:

Sizing and True Waist

True waist is the actual circumference in inches of the garment in question. In some cases, the waist size for some results will not exactly match the waist size searched. Please note that this is to factor in the true waist size, which we feel may be more suited to your needs.

However, as no two bodies are alike, we advise taking extra precaution and care when choosing size. Take a closer look at the other measurements listed and reach out to the retailer if needed.

Sanforized vs. Unsanforized

One important attribute of raw denim to make special note of is whether or not the fabric is sanforized or unsanforized. The former (sanforized) means the denim has been “pre-shrunk” and will shrink anywhere between 1% - 5%, while the latter (unsanforized) signifies a “loomstate” denim that has not been pre-shrunk and will thus shrink much more (7% - 10%) upon initial wash. For more info, see our articles here and here

Bottom line: if you are looking to purchase an unsanforized denim, make sure you size up at least 2 inches in true waist to account for the additional shrinkage.


The selvedge refers to the white edge of a piece of fabric that secures the edge of the fabric and prevents unraveling. Selvedge denim are made out of denim woven on an old-style shuttle loom with a continuous weft and a narrow width (usually around thirty inches).

Today, selvage denim is valued for its irregularities and character, and is typically more expensive than regular denim. Selvedges in jeans usually denote high quality denim, albeit there are many factors to consider with denim quality. For more info see our article here.

Fabric Origin

The country, region, and specific mill has a lot to do with the characteristics of a pair of jeans. See our articles on the mills of Japan and North Carolina's famed Cone Mills.

Denim Weight

Denim weight is the measure in ounces of a single yard of fabric. The heavier the denim, the thicker, rougher, and gnarlier it’ll be. Lightweight denim is roughly less than 12oz, midweight covers 12oz to about 16oz, and heavyweight anything over 16oz. Tread with caution if this is you’re unfamiliar with heavier denims, they can become incredibly comfortable but can start off like starched cardboard.

See our full guide to denim weights here.

If you ever have any questions or run into any issues, please feel free to email us anytime at: scout@heddels.com.

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